This is a plugin for the JellyFin media center that enables audio scrobbling to Last.FM as well as a metadata fetcher source.

This plug-in was migrated from the original Emby repository and has been adapted to function within the JellyFin ecosystem. This plugin cannot be distributed with Jellyfin due to a missing compatible license. I will attempt to keep this repo up-to-date and in-sync as the Jellyfin project matures.

Repo Install

Jellyfin 10.6.0 introduces 3rd party plugin repositories (see: announcement). Use the following settings in your Jellyfin installation to install this plugin and its updates from a custom repo.


.NET core 2.1 is required to build the LastFM plugin. To install the .NET SDK on Linux or macOS, see the download page at . Native package manager instructions can be found for Debian, RHEL, Ubuntu, Fedora, SLES, and CentOS.

Once the SDK is installed, run the following.

git clone
cd jellyfin-plugin-lastfm
dotnet build


If the build is successful, the tool will report the path to your Plugin dll (Jellyfin.Plugin.Lastfm/bin/Debug/netstandard2.1/Jellyfin.Plugin.Lastfm.dll)

The plugin should then be copied into your Jellyfin ${CONFIG_DIR}/plugins directory.

Running Jellyfin from Docker


docker run -d \
    --name jelly \
    --volume ${CONFIG_DIR}:/config \
    --volume ${MEDIA_DIR}:/media \
    --volume ${CACHE_DIR}:/cache \
    --publish 8096:8096 \
    --rm \