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ZooFUSE implements a FUSE filesystem that is backed by a ZooKeeper directory tree. This allows the user to navigate through the Zookeeper tree structure using the same command line tools commonly used to navigate a local file system.

Some of the current features include

  • Easily mount a remote Zookeeper instance onto a local FUSE filesystem
  • Ability to “chroot” or jail a Zookeeper path to the Fuse root (see zkroot flag). For example if your znode path of interest is /my/important/data , specifying -zkroot /my/important/data will map that tree structure as the root of your FUSE mount . The aim here is to limit one’s exposure to the global Zookeeper directory
  • Exposes a read-only mode (by default). When launched in read-only mode, file permissions are strict with +w capabilities stripped. If you wish to read/write to FUSE, launch zoofuse with the -rw flag.
  • Ability to read or create znode information. Note that the znode size, ctime and mtime attributes are appropriate mapped to the FUSE file modes.

Beware that ZooFUSE supports both read and write operations, making it extremely easy to modify data inside of the live Zookeeper tree

Due to this, ZooFUSE defaults to setting file and directory modes as read-only (modes 0444 and 0555). In order to expose both read + write operations, launch ZooFUSe must be launched with the -rw flag.

Runtime options

Requirements to launch:

  • An operating system with Libfuse available (a common default in Linux variants). To run on MacOS you will require osxfuse or some other Fuse implementation.
  • a working Zookeeper instance that is accessible (typically TCP port 2181) from your FUSE host.
Usage: ./zoofuse [OPTION]... [MOUNTPOINT]
        Enable verbose debug logging (default disabled)
  -logfile string
        Enable logging to a target file, otherwise STDOUT
        Enable a read/write ZooFuse filesystem (default is READONLY)
  -zkconn string
        Zookeeper connection string (default "")
  -zkroot string
        Alias the root Zookeeper tree to an alternate path (default "/")



MacOS does not provide native support for FUSE. In order to run this client on MacOS, you must install https://osxfuse.github.io/


Zookeeper does not have the notion of a Directory. In order to simulate and map a znode to a file system directory object, a Get (to Zookeeper) is made against the znode, if the target znode > 0 children, this znode is considered to be a “directory” (file type set to S_IFDIR). This leads to race conditions where certain znodes/file objects may flip back and forth between S_IFDIR and S_IFREG (regular file).

In order to read the contents of a znode that has been mapped as a filesystem directory, Zoofuse places a special file into the directory named __znode_data__. This file exposes the contents of a “directory” znode.